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  • Kiilto Pro Fixbinder Additive for cementitious adhesive 5L

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    Additive for a cementitious adhesive to improve flexibility and bond strength. Suitable also as an additive for Kiilto 60 and Kiilto 60 Plus when making bond bridge and tiling green concrete (min. 1 month).

    • mortar additive


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    Additive for the cementitious adhesives to improve flexibility and bond strength both indoors and outdoors. Can be used for:

    1. Improving adhesive’s performance when tiling on relatively green concrete (min. 1 month, humidity of subfloor max. 95 % RH). During tiling take into account tensions caused by concrete’s shrinking and build enough movement joints.

    2. Installing glass mosaic. Due to its small size, smooth and dense surface, glass mosaic is challenging to install. Installing glass mosaic requires expertise and caution. Kiilto Pro Fixbinder improves bond strength and moisture-resistance of the cementitious adhesive.

    3. Strengthening of chipboard floor by gluing a gypsum board onto it with cementitious adhesive with Pro Fixbinder additive. E.g., 15-mm thick gypsum board glued on 22 mm tongued chipboard with support distance C 600 has the same bending stiffness as the 22 mm tongued chipboard with support distance C 300.

    4. Improving the bond between the concrete substrate and Kiilto 60/Kiilto 60 Plus floor screed. The bond layer is brushed on the substrate prior to floor screed. The bond layer is made of a mix of floor screed (20 kg), Kiilto Pro Fixbinder (1 l) and water (1.5 l). The floor screed is rubbed on the fresh bond screed.

    Kiilto Pro Fixbinder improves the bond strength, moisture-resistance and elasticity of cementitious adhesives. Alkalinity of cement does not impair the effect of the additive. Not recommended for use with other cementitious products, e.g., floor levellings or grouts.