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  • Kiilto Floorfix DF Floor tiling adhesive 20kg

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    A dust reduced, flexible cementitious adhesive ideal for setting large ceramic floor tiles and stones in dry and wet areas. Grouting can be carried out as soon as 16 hours after tiling. Also for exterior applications. C2ES1. C2ES2 with Kiilto Fixbinder.

    •  dust reduced, flexible
    •  large floor tiles
    • coverage 3.5-5 kg/m²
    •  grouting: 16-48 h
    • for interior and exterior areas



    Flexible tiling adhesive designed for fixing large ceramic tiles and stones, which are not moisture sensitive, on traditional aggregate, painted and clinker floors as well as gypsum and fibre cement boards. When tiling on a board subfloor, ensure that it is rigid enough. Flexible Kiilto Floorfix DF provides a good bond between the tiles and adhesive. Thanks to new technology the product produces almost no dust during the mixing process. Suitable to be used in combination with Kiilto waterproofing membranes. Suitable for interior and exterior use, but not for applications that are constantly under water (e.g., swimming pools).

    The surfaces to be tiled must be clean, solid and free from dust. Remove water-soluble smoothing and levelling compounds. Dry and absorbent surfaces must be moistened. Boards are primed with undiluted Kiilto Start Primer. Turn off floor heating approx. 24 hours prior to tiling. When tiling on painted surface and clinker (only interior areas) ensure that the material is properly adhered to its substrate. Wax, grease and dirt must be removed from the surface to be tiled with Kiilto Maalarinpesu cleaner and rinsed thoroughly. After the surface has dried, sand it and remove the sanding dust.