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  • Kiilto 80 Levelling screed 1-30mm 20kg

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    A cement-based levelling screed for correcting floor slopes in interior areas. Approx. 12 l screed per bag. Low-alkali. Cement-based.

    • surface ready to be waterproofed
    • for building and correcting of floor slopes
    • coverage 1.7 kg/m²
    • walkable: 3 h
    • coatable: 16 – 48 h
    • for interior areas



    Cement-based levelling screed for correcting floors and making floor slopes before over-levelling and/or floor covering installation at thicknesses of 1–30 mm. For over levellings we recommend Kiilto 97 DF, TopPlan DF or Tasoflex floor levelling compounds. Suitable for interior use.
    The substrate must be clean, solid and firm. Remove cement laitance, paint splashes, adhesive residue and other impurities, and brush or vacuum the floor thoroughly. Concrete subfloors are pre-treated with diluted Kiilto Start Primer (10–20% Kiilto Start Primer/80–90% water) prior to application of the floor screed. Surfaces under reconstruction as well as board surfaces must be primed with undiluted Kiilto Start Primer before levelling.
    In outdoor applications and with non-absorbent substrates prime the substrate with Kiilto Fix Primer or make a bond bridge with, e.g. Kiilto Saneerauslaasti cementitious adhesive with a notched trowel. In ground supported structures, the capillary rise of moisture must be prevented.
    The concrete substrate must comply with national standards. (In Finland SisäRYL 2013 and BY 45).