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  • Kiilto 60 Rapid floor screed for castings 20kg

    13.75 11.27 excl. VAT

    A fast setting and drying floor screed for castings, fillings and slopes in interior areas. Approx. 11 litres mass/bag. Low alkali, cementitious.


    • fast, provides a surface ready for waterproofing
    • floating castings, fillings, slopes, underfloor heating floors
    • coverage 1.9 kg/m²/mm
    • walkable: 1-2 h
    • coatable: 16 h
    • interior areas



    Special cement-based, fast setting and drying floor screed for castings, fillings and slopes at thicknesses 10–200 mm in interior areas. Carefully floated surface is suitable for waterproofing. For finishing the floor prior to the floor covering we recommend Kiilto levelling compounds. The concrete substrate must comply with national standards.

    1. Bonded floor/firm concrete subfloor: The substrate must be clean, solid and firm. Remove cement laitance, paint splashes, adhesive residue, etc., and brush or vacuum the floor thoroughly. Bond strength between the concrete subfloor and Kiilto 60 floor screed is ensured by brushing a bond bridge on the floor before applying the floor screed. The bond bridge consists of a mixture of Kiilto 60 (20 kg), Kiilto Fixbinder (1 l) and water (1.5 l). Kiilto 60 is rubbed on the fresh bond bridge.

    2. Floating construction/weak concrete subfloor and various construction plate substrates:
    The cast is separated from the subfloor, for example, with Kiilto Valusuojakangas separation fabric or construction paper. The cast is detached from walls and inlets with separating boards/elastic sealant. The thickness of the cast shall be at least 50 mm reinforced construction (e.g., # 150 Ø 5). In underfloor heating floors, the cables/pipes are fixed in the concrete reinforcement.