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    • Warning: at the top of a staircase with at least three steps, warn people of danger through studs at a distance of 50 cm from the top step, creating a visual and tactile contrast.
    • For compliance with the Accessibility standard according to the European standard EN 17210.
    • The innovation inherent to the Easy-Plot studs simplifies the installer’s work because the studs are installed as with a tactile warning tile!
      In fact, 28 adhesive studs are already pre-assembled in a 400 x 225mm template plate, which allows 33 studs to be installed simultaneously.
      Simple, efficient and reliable installation:
      No gluing: no need for a glue gun, cartridge or mixer (clean, environmentally friendly process, no waste at the end of the job).
      No drilling (no structural alteration of the support, no dust), no noise, no disturbance to pedestrian traffic during the work.
      Indoor application.
      Excellent grip to smooth floors such as flexible PVC, linoleum, wood, glass, laminate flooring, natural stone, marble.
      On tile floor, it adheres perfectly but should be avoided when joins exceed 1 mm.
      Suitable for heavy traffic: adhesion with high impact resistance (bond intact after 1 million impacts).
    • The best-looking indoor solution.
    • Very high performance adhesive. Proven ease of installation.
      7 years of experience and millions of studs installed!
    • 1 kit = 4 blister packs of 32 = 128 studs = 0.60 ml at 60 cm depth
    • Very fast installation : simple, quick and reliable installation by a single operator without the need for tools or adhesive : less than 10 minutes/ml.
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    • Stud diameter 25 mm, height 5 mm, anti-slip surface.
      Dome type.
      Diagonal lay out.
    • Templates/blister pack 300 x 300 mm in recycled PET containing 28 pre-assembled studs.
    • 1 kit = 5 blister packs of 32 = 128 studs = 1.10 ml at 40 cm depth.