Kiilto Ultra fix is a non-sagging, economical and light cementitious adhesive for setting ceramic tiles and stones, which are not moisture-sensitive, on vinyl, paint, tile, clinker and common aggregate surfaces as well as on surfaces treated with Kiilto waterproofing membranes or Kiilto Kosteussulku moisture barrier, e.g., gypsum boards. Jointing can be done without a joint string. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Not suitable for areas permanently under water (e.g., swimming pools).

The surfaces to be tiled must be clean and free from dust. Remove water-soluble smoothing and levelling compounds. Dry and absorbent surfaces must be moistened with water or primed with thinned Kiilto Strat Primer. Board surfaces are treated with unthinned Start Primer. Turn off floor heating approx. 24 hours prior to tiling. When tiling on vinyl, paint, tile and clinker substrates:

– ensure that the surface is solid and strong for tiling
– ensure that the surface to be tiled adheres properly to its own substrate
– remove wax, grease and dirt from the surface with Kiilto Maalarinpesu cleaner and rinse well. After the surface has dried, sand it, if necessary, and then remove the sanding dust.