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  • Kiilto Pro Core Tile grout Tile grout 10kg


    A special tile grout for floors and walls. Does not contain components that form efflorescence. Easy and fast to make a uniform joint with an even colour.

    • An anti-efflorescence, fast special tile grout for floor and wall tiles
    • Suitable for grouting ceramic tiles and stones in residential and public spaces. For interior and exterior areas.
    • Very economical, 0.3–1.5 kg/m² depending on the size of the joint and tile
    • Joint width 2–12 mm, 8 colours
    • For professional use


    Kiilto Pro core is a fast setting tile grout for grouting ceramic tiles and stones in walls and floors. Designed for professional use. Kiilto Pro Core is suitable for joint width 2–12 mm and joint depth 3 mm at the minimum. Grouting can be done 5 h – 3 days after the tiling work (depending on the adhesive, the substrate and the prevailing conditions). Not suitable for areas that are permanently under water (for example, swimming pools).