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  • Kiilto Epoxy Tile grout 5kg


    Kiilto Epoxy Tile grout is a 2-component epoxy resin based tile grout for ceramic tiles and glass mosaic. It has good cleanability, strength and wear- and chemical resistance. Because of that, it is well suited for e.g. use in the food industry, catering kitchens or spas, where joints require greater durability and cleanability. It can be used for 1-10 mm joints. Temperature resistance of the cured joint is -20 … +60°C.
    The product can also be used for fixing ceramic tiles.


    A two-component, epoxy resin based tile grout for ceramic tiles in interior and exterior areas. Gives a waterproof joint with excellent wear- and chemical resistance. Suitable also for fixing ceramic tiles.

    • waterproof
    • excellent resistance against mechanical wear and chemicals
    • joint width 1–10 mm
    • 6 colours
    • for professional use